Easing traffic chaos everyone’s duty

15 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Dhaka traffic has reached monumental proportions, wasting commuter’s productive time on the road. It’s not just in the capital, but almost everywhere productivity is being hampered due to time wasted on the roads and highways. Most people complain about inadequate roads in the country, particularly in the capital. But comparing Dhaka with major cities of the world we find that the causes behind the problems are mostly due to traffic mismanagement, occupied pavements, inadequate parking spaces, scattered vehicle stoppage and pedestrians not using zebra crossings or footbridges.

So, basically training the people to be more congenial to abide traffic rules could ease the situation to a large extent. It is essential to have people friendly traffic controllers to implement traffic rules diligently. It is imperative to prevent haphazard parking, undesignated stopping of vehicles, jaywalking and occupying sidewalks to make commuting convenient for all.

Building more roads won’t solve the problem if it remains a free for all like now. Keeping the sidewalks free from impediments for the pedestrians is long overdue in many parts of the city. Some vested interest groups shed crocodile tears for the hawkers selling wares on the sidewalks, claiming that the city authority must cater for new locations for them. Logically it is not the responsibility of the authority as they did not rent out these spaces to the street hawkers,

As a nation we love to complain about anything and everything, but do not wish to take the responsibility to make necessary changes when we are called upon to do something constructive. Bangladesh is ours; therefore, it is the responsibility of each one of us to ensure that we do our bit in bringing the change that we want to see. If even 50 per cent of the population acts as dutiful citizens, then the country will transform in a short while. Everyone, particularly those in charge of maintaining discipline on the roads – the traffic polices, and those of us who are using the roads are responsible for keeping those pliable, like any other civilized country of the world.