Complementing Your Outfits With : Trendy Accessories

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

13 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Complementing Your Outfits With : Trendy Accessories

Winter can be a tricky season when it comes to jewelries.

Our shawls and sweaters do not really give us much room to show off our trinkets. But then again, how can a woman be happy without jewelry? Other accessories, on the other hand, fare better in the colder months. Within the amalgamation of our grey clothes, black shawls and muted jackets all pulled in one over the other; it is our shoes, belts, bags and other accessories that gain all the popularity. On top of that, if you can wear something as scintillating as red heels with a totally monochromatic outfit, that would be a stellar performance! Here are some ideas you can use in your styling so that you can ensemble well and perform well in the fashion game.


Power of footwear

Winter is a grand celebration for our footwear. Everything can be worn during these months – from ballerina shoes with white stockings to knee-length, black leather boots. Sneakers are the main attraction. While we can make ample use of these items that can only be worn during winter (such as boots), there is no forbidden rule over summer shoes too. This means you can still wear your heels, wedges, pump shoes and even sandals. The accessory that deserves to be given credit to is the socks. A pair of socks can be your friend this season and help you achieve almost any look without sacrificing your comfort. Though there is typically no hard and fast rules on wearing socks, still make sure you follow the decorum. Sari with socks, for example, can look quite clumsy. You may also be wearing a glazed silver suit along with red, silver or golden heels. Socks with any of these would totally spoil the look. In fact, socks with high heels are quite uncanny. However, women do find ways to even make this look good. We are wonderful, aren’t we?



The best place to put bling on during winter is somewhere they are not veiled over by something else. Choker necklaces and turtleneck sweaters is a bad combination unless, of course, you wear the necklace over the sweater instead of beneath it. How would that appear visually is also an interesting equation. Instead, invest in good pair of earrings this month. Nothing is going to break off their glory! In fact, hoop earrings create a really smart look with almost every dress- sari with shawl, sweater with tracksuit, blazers with jeans, etc. Studded earrings are also great. You can also opt for fringed or tasseled earrings. Other than earrings, bracelets can also be a good idea. Smart watches and embellished watches can also look quite sophisticated with your winter outfits. Anklets, on the other hand, are bad choices because they will be tucked away behind your socks. In winter, we usually like to stay more covered too with our jeans, leggings or whatever we are wearing. So, showing off anklets among these is quite a difficult mission.


Batty hats and hefty bags

In winter, go wild with the hats. Beanies are a popular choice but you can also choose others to keep the draft away! Bag is another adornment that can help you with your winter styling. While heavier bags look great with Western outfit, small, tasseled ones also look phenomenal.