Warm & pleasant

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

13 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Warm & pleasant

The cold waves finally have got us shivering since Dhaka as well as the entire Bangladesh is experiencing nail-biting cold this winter. This is a great time to make a few adjustments in your residence to make it as warm and pleasant as possible. Don’t worry. You won’t need to sacrifice your old furniture or setup. In fact, not many adjustments are necessary to achieve a warm home during winter. Read on to find out!


Get a heater

First and foremost, get a heater! This is kind of obvious but then again, many people are not aware of how to make adequate use of the heater. What everyone would want ideally is to make the room hotter without using too much energy. The most economical way is to use central heating. So should you leave the heater on at a lower energy for more hours or use it in higher energy only when it’s necessary. This is kind of debatable. Every household has their own practices concerning this. Improving your house’s insulation is a great way to boost the efficiency of your heating. When some rooms are not in use, keep them locked. This will help the heat to spread more in rooms where they are required.


Go for warm, beautiful rugs

Imagine a situation when you are coming home from the chilly outdoors, opening your boots and socks and stepping on to lush, comfortable rugs. This would surely feel like heaven! Rugs help make the room warmer and your feet are surely going to thank you! Opt for those fluffy, furry ones for maximum output. Places you can add rugs is near the bed, in the living room and the drawing room!


Use natural heater

Our solar system has already given us a heater- the sun! Days when the sun shines brightly, open the doors and windows and let sunshine through. It will also help in ventilating your house.


Add household plants

Adding a few plants to your house will create more humidity thus making your house feel warmer. Rubber plants and spider plants are good choices for this purpose. Keeping plants in your home will also help improve the air quality.


Light some decorative candles

This may not sound like one of the most urbane ways but it is surely a very aesthetic way. For special occasions such as dinners and parties, you can bring out and light your decorative candles. Just be careful with them because you don’t want to set your house on fire!