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The Guide To Using Argan Oil For Hair Solutions

Afroza Zaman Anni

13 January, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The Guide To Using  Argan Oil For Hair Solutions

Most of us are familiar with argan oil and at the very least know that it’s a key ingredient in many moisturizing products.

It’s been used for centuries as an essential oil in beauty regimens around the world and hailed for its vibrant and hydrating properties. When it comes to using it on hair, there is more than one way to make argan oil work for your strands. Here are some expert-approved ways your hair can benefit from argan oil:

UV protection

Though sunscreens for hair is not any kind of popular concept, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your strands from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Applying argan oil to your hair before heading outside for longer time not only helps your hair to stay healthy, but also prevents hair colour from fading away. Apply directly to your strands or use a hair conditioning spray with hair strengthening ingredients like argan oil, coconut milk and coconut oil.


Hair mask

If you have a big event coming up, you can actually use argan oil as a hair mask for a boost of shine and hydration. Use a generous amount of argan oil, massage it well into your scalp, tips and hair, and wrap your hair in a towel to prevent staining. You can keep the argan oil for a few hours or overnight if you prefer. You don’t need to expose your hair to any harsh chemical or products for this look.


Heat protectant

Before using a blow dryer or straightener, lather your strands with argan oil. It’s best applied to hair that’s damp to get the most benefits. This helps to prevent the hair from breakage when it’s exposed to high heat.


Split end treatment

Many beauty experts suggest using argan oil on the very ends of your hair to strengthen the cuticle from within and prevent breakage in the form of split ends. Besides, this oil is not heavy, so your hair will not look greasy.


Tame frizz

You can avoid annoying flyaways by applying a few drops of argan oil. Doing this before you blow dry will help to fill the cuticles. This homemade conditioning anti-frizz spray can help you to fight frizz without applying any sort of chemicals.


Pre-shampoo conditioning treatment

You can also use argan oil as a conditioning treatment. Simply apply a small amount from roots to ends, comb your hair and ring out excess water and let sit the oil for 10 minutes or even overnight.


Hydrate your scalp

You can apply a few drops of argan oil on dry scalp to help with an itchy scalp and dandruff. You can combine this simple hair serum recipe with lavender and rosemary essential oils.