Annie Kids staged at ISD

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13 December, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Annie Kids staged at ISD

By turning the idea of Harold Gray’s ‘Little Orphan Annie’ into a musical play, International School Dhaka (ISD) Primary has presented its production of Annie KIDS. The show, which places Annie, Daddy Warbucks, and Annie’s dog, Sandy, in New York City during the Depression, took place on the ISD Auditorium Stage recently.

As an infant, Annie had been abandoned on the front steps of the New York City Municipal Orphanage with a note from her parents promising to return for her someday. Life in the orphanage had been rough under the strict hand of Miss Hannigan, but Annie’s life was about to change. Billionaire Oliver Warbucks invites Annie to spend Christmas with him in his mansion, and together, they each discover new happiness. Warbucks soon decides he wants to adopt Annie, but when he learns about her dream of finding her parents and the secret of the half-locket she has treasured for so long, he sets his feelings aside and orders an exhaustive search for Annie’s parents.

With the support and guidance of ISD teachers and staff, over 75 students from Grade 1 to Grade 5 have sang, acted and danced their hearts out to bring the story of Annie and her friends to life.