For attaining better education standards

11 December, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Many public universities, particularly the Dhaka University (DU), are running evening courses commercially for years. Students and professionals of various backgrounds seek these courses to enrich their curriculum vitae profile. But as departments and faculties earn by conducting evening courses, they focus more on them neglecting the regular courses of the universities, which harms the academic enrichment of regular students.

The President, who by virtue of his position, is the Chancellor of DU and all public universities of the country, spoke against this malpractice in his Chancellor’s speech at the 52nd convocation of the countries premier public university.

We must admit that such commercial activities in public universities did not happen in a day. But better late than never, that a public statement was finally made discouraging the unethical practice. But this will not be enough without steps to ensure that faculties are not neglecting their responsibilities to the regular courses at the public universities.

As President Abdul Hamid pointed out the public universities are run by the tax payer’s money, therefore, they are answerable to the people. We want to see DU and other public universities of Bangladesh attaining heights of international standards in excellence in all their academic and extracurricular activities. This is an absolute necessity if Bangladesh is to progress at par with a fast progressing developed world.

The guidance and mentoring of students by the department faculties are irreplaceable and most essential for a student to transform from mediocrity to world class excellence. The majority of our students are hard working, dedicated and hungry for knowledge. But without dedicated teachers to show them the way they cannot achieve their full potentials.

Our students can do research on various relevant subjects and solve many of the problems that our country faces today. We need not import expensive foreign technology or brain at high cost, if with some support and motivation our young people can find many of the solutions at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, homegrown solutions to problems related to climate change, disaster preparedness, etc. have proven to be superlatively successful in Bangladesh.

Dedicated teachers and students are needed for Bangladesh to make a place in the list of top universities of the world.