Animal Prints: Chic & Foxy

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

9 December, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Animal Prints: Chic & Foxy

Leopard prints are essentially the most stylish animal prints out there. Nothing can match up to the high fashion element of this print. It is the perfect recipe to create a bold and foxy look. There is also a subtly feline nature that gets reflected on the wearer. It’s something intoxicatingly feminine and fashionably ferocious at the same time. Such a gorgeous print with a glorious history should be taken with utter seriousness. And that is exactly what the real fashionistas do. Winter is an ideal season to incorporate this print in your style. Here is how you can achieve that:


Gorgeous overcoats

As it gets cooler in the city especially during the evenings, why not carry your leopard printed overcoat in style. Hands down, this print pairs very well with black. Consider wearing the coat with a black jumpsuit. Alternatively, you could pair it with jeans and white tank-tops. Pay extra attention to your makeup and heels. If you opt for light makeup, this makeover will look elegant. If you go a bit heavy, the look will transform instantly to a sassier one. As for hair, let it down. The print itself is so gorgeous that you need not fret much over fancy hairstyles.


Street style

Anything is possible in life, especially when you have such a striking animal print with you! For street styles, you need to think micro and not macro. For example, opt for stylish boots of this print. You could also create cool looks with a scarf of this print and shirt, t-shirt and jeans. Additionally, you could pair your leopard printed leggings with an oversized t-shirt and shrugs. Don’t forget shades!


Glam game

Leopard prints can totally win the look in parties. Just opt for a bodycon or cocktail dress of this print. Put on striking, red lipstick and glittery eye-makeup. Add hot, red heels in your styling. Do some beach waves on your hair. Having a pair of hoop earrings will be grand too.


Know what works for you

When wearing leopard prints, it’s important to keep a note of your personal style and tastes. What works on others may not suit you. For some, an off-shoulder leopard printed top may look great. But something more toned down such as a kaftan might be more appropriate for you.

With all that said about leopard prints, one last request that can be added here is that opt for only the prints and not the skins. The best thing about this is how bold and beautiful they make us look. But cruelty on animals is neither a brave act nor a beautiful one. Moreover, you can experiment with different materials and dyes for your looks.