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Winter Headwear

Rajib Kanti Roy

9 December, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Winter Headwear

Your mom always made sure that you were bundled up during winter, with a pullover, jeans trouser, socks and a warm cap or hat to keep the cold weather away from you. Well, you are a grown-up now, and even though you are dressing yourself these days, her words of wisdom are still true. If you are looking for a good dome-topper for the upcoming winter, you can’t go wrong with the following options:


The beanie

The humble beanie, a cone of wool designed to protect workers outdoors, has become popular among every creative person. You may select pared-back colours in equally minimalist silhouettes. Look for shades that work with the season’s key tones – camel, burgundy, grey and military greens – so that it gels with what you are wearing.


The baseball cap

It’s time to grow out of the snapback with the flat brim and the stickers still on it. It probably wouldn’t be a back look to lose ant heavy sports memorabilia from your casual wear altogether. Think about a baseball cap that is a little more discreet, mature and versatile. Courtesy of fancy fabrics and luxury co-signs, the baseball cap has graduated from subcultures to your everyday looks. If you pick up one in leather, it will not only beat the weather but also look sleek.


Dress hats

A fedora doesn’t fight frost quite like a hat. Those summer versions of a trilby, fedora, pork pie or homburg won’t cut it when you can see your breath, so you need something thicker. The winds that litter your driveway with broken tree limbs will be equally unkind to your new purchase if you pick the wrong size. So, instead of buying online, head to a traditional milliner where you can sample in person.


Flat cap

The working man’s hat has recently been stolen by middle-class folk bands. But avoid beards and waistcoats and the flat cap needn’t be entirely off limits. Cloths used to make the cap include wool, tweed and cotton. Less common materials may include leather, linen or corduroy. The inside of the cap is commonly lined for comfort and warmth.

The key is to know your options and to pick a few that work best for your wardrobe. Don’t get stuck relying on the same worn-out stocking cap all winter long. It doesn’t look good with your stylish clothing.