Govt eyes exportable distillery products in sugar mills

7 December, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The government is planning to run the state-owned sugar mills round the year through the production of diverse products, including export-oriented distillery items, aimed at making the sugar mills profitable.

“Through sugar canes, the 15 sugar mills can produce sugar only for three months while the rest of time the mills remain idle. But, the authorities have to pay the salaries of officials and labourers and continue other related activities round the year. So, the cost of per kilogram (kg) sugar rises to around Taka 150,” State Minister for Industries Kamal Ahmed Mojumder told BSS.

Now, a total of 15 sugar mills under the Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation are running and of those, only Carew and Co (Bangladesh) Limited can make profit due to its distillery unit. Kamal Mojumder said the government has taken initiatives to make the sugar mills profitable within the next one to two years.

“We have taken a move to keep open these mills round the year and even during the off-season through producing white sugar from imported raw sugar. We are also going to take initiatives to produce export-oriented distillery products in the sugar mills,” he added.