Walk in three hours after knee joint replacement !

India’s Shalby Hospital pioneers ‘Zero Technique’

Mohammad Al Amin

3 December, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Walk in three hours after knee joint replacement !

Dr Bharat Gajjar

An innovative knee replacement surgery has brought much hope to the critical orthopedic patients across the world including South East Asia. 

India’s famous Shalby Hospital pioneers in providing such specialised treatment where world famous orthopedic surgeons conduct the ‘zero technique’ knee joint surgery, so said Dr Bharat Gajjar, Director, Out Patient Service (World Wide) of the hospital.

Dr Gajjar who is now visiting Bangladesh in order to inform common people and stakeholders of their treatment success and sign deals with public and private hospitals to impart training to doctors of Dhaka sat with the daily sun to share his knowledge on the treatment.

Describing the knee replacement surgery procedure called “Zero Technique’, Dr. Kush M. Vays, Joint Replacement Surgeon of Shalby Hospital who is accompanying the director, said this was truly a great news for those suffering from issues that require knee replacement surgery.

“The ‘Zero Technique’ has revolutionized Total Knee Replacement Surgery worldwide,” he said.

Dr Kush further said: “The joint replacement surgery in the zero technique is an art as the patients after just three hours of surgery can walk and go to washroom, and the very next day patients can use stair case.”

The new method of surgery has reduced hospital stay for the patients from five days to only two days. After the joint replacement surgery the patient does not need any physiotherapy.

According to the health experts, total knee replacement with the minimum of every invasive step is called “Zero Technique”. Knee Replacement Surgery is required when a patient is having damage to cartilage (arthritis) of knee joint. The most common reason for arthritis of knee is usually ageing (primary osteoarthritis). Other reasons can be rheumatoid arthritis or post-traumatic arthritis. Due to damage to the cartilage, patient starts feeling pain while walking, standing and climbing stairs, their legs become deformed, and they start walking with abnormal gait.

Shalby Hospitals Ltd established by Dr Vikram I Shah in 1994 at Ahmedabad in Gujarat runs a chain of multi-specialty hospitals across India holding a capacity of over 2,000 beds. 

Shalby’s recognition as a multi-specialty tertiary hospital chain in the Indian healthcare industry was envisioned by its founder Dr Vikram Shah – CMD, who has been felicitated by Ethicon India for the development of the ‘OS Needle’.

“This is a multi-specialty hospital which started at first with only knee joint replacement surgery service but it was later extended to multispecialty services in health care facilities,” said Dr Gajjar.

Now, all health care facilities are available under one roof. The hospital’s environment and world class operation theatres with latest medical technologies are notable among other services for taking treatment here, he added.

The patients from across the world can take treatment with world class facilities at the hospital at an affordable cost which is low comparing to other hospitals in India and outside as there are different categories of healthcare facilities, he mentioned.

Mentioning that Shalby Hospital has already set up its unit offices in various countries of the world including Africa, Tanzania, Uzbekistan and Dubai to maintain communication with foreign patients, Dr Gajjar said they have also a plan to set up a branch of the hospital in Bangladesh to provide their services.

A large number of workforce including 750 physicians and around 2,000 nurses are working in the hospital, he said.

“Our doctors give fulltime services for 24 hours inside the hospital and they do not go outside.”

“We do not only provide healthcare to the patients, but also to the doctors who go there to take training about joint replacement surgeries,” said the physician.

Shalby Hospitals is a world renowned Joint Replacement Centre today establishing many records. “We have successfully performed around one lakh of joint replacement surgeries, and the number is on the rise day by day since 1994,” Gajjar added.

Shalby’s Centres of Excellence encompass a large range of specialties including Joint Replacement Surgery, Critical Care and Trauma, Spine Surgery, Neurology and Neuro Surgery, Ortho-Oncology Surgery, Cardiology and Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery, Sports Injury, Kidney Transplant, Liver Transplant Counseling, Hepato-biliary Surgery, Pediatrics, Medical Oncology and Onco Surgery, Dental Cosmetics and Implantology, Ophthalmology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Rheumatology, Cosmetics and Dermatology, Homecare, Bariatric Surgery, Gynecology, IVF  and Surrogacy Counseling and Homecare.

Specialty clinics for Stroke, Epilepsy, Acidity, Snore & Sinus, Glaucoma, Sleep Study, Diabetes, Liver, Kidney, Asthma, Fertility, Obesity, Hypertension, Radio Therapy and Radio surgery are also there.

“We, at Shalby Hospitals, strive to provide quality healthcare to the people across the globe by inventing, adapting and imbibing world’s best technologies and innovations.”

Catering total healthcare under one roof at most affordable costs has been the motto of the hospital which has helped establish a chain of multispecialty hospitals and vibrant OPD centers across India and the world, Dr Vikram Shah, CMD of Shalby Hospitals, said in a message published in the hospital website.

A doctor by profession (MS Orthopedics) and a Visionary Entrepreneur, Dr Vikram I Shah is the founder Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Shalby Hospitals.

Having acquired professional qualifications – A O Basic from London (UK), F.A.O.A.A. from Switzerland and F.A. S. I.F from Germany, this son of the soil returned to his motherland in 1993 for serving expert healthcare to his countrymen.

His passion for the profession and the urge to serve the ailing people in home country, prompted him to establish a 6-bed hospital in native town Ahmedabad in 1994. Since then there was no looking back.

Dr Vikram Shah is known for popularising Total Knee Replacement (TKR) through his surgical process innovation “ZERO TECHNIQUE” which reduces surgery time from hours to 8 to 10 minutes with added advantages of minimal incision, minimal blood loss, reduced infection rate and speedy recovery which enables patients to start walking within a few hours after a Total Knee Replacement surgery.

Dr. Shah also developed the ‘OS Needle’ (Orthopaedic Surgeons’ Needle) which can pass through both bone and soft tissue easily so that an orthopaedic surgeon can finish repairing bone and soft tissues quickly. It is claimed that this invention has greatly reduced the surgical time in Orthopaedic surgeries.

Shalby Hospital got different awards including Gujarat Healthcare Leadership Awards 2019, Healthcare Excellence Awards 2019, Best IT-Enabled Hospitals in Gujarat Award 2019, The Best Hospital for Medical Tourism in Gujarat Award – 2019, Best Dentistry By Times Health Icon Awards, Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award 2010 and FICCI Healthcare Excellence Award – 2011.