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Dipu Number Two: A film That Makes Many Nostalgic

Faridul Ahasan Shourav

28 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Dipu Number Two: A film That Makes Many Nostalgic

If you ask any 90’s kid of Bangladesh that what is the name of their most favourite children’s film? You might get a common answer from them. In our generations’ BTV days, we the 90’s kids surely watched that cinema. This cinema boosted and motivated us when we were depressed in our early life. Still this film makes us nostalgic. It is truly a classical cinema of Bangladesh’s film industry. Directed by Morshedul Islam “Dipu Number two” was funded by Bangladesh Government. It was an outstanding film adaptation of Muhammed Zafar Iqbal’s 1984 adventurous teen novel “Dipu Number Two”. Morshedul Islam knew the pulse of young generation. He filmed the film so smartly that it connected the then teens emotionally. Arun Saha and Shuvashis played the protagonist characters of Dipu and Tarek respectively in the film. Whenever viewers watch the cinema they surely travel to their childhood and become nostalgic to jog their memory of those golden days.

In this film, the character of Dipu is a bit complicated. It takes time to understand him. Even viewers can’t realise him until the end of the film! Teenager Dipu changes his school every year because of his father’s transfer in job. He is intelligent, creative, hard working, friendly, sympathetic, fuming, adventures and responsible. On the other hand, viewers find his classmate Tarek as arrogant, cunning, cruel and surly. Unlike others he behaves roughly with his classmates. But by the time Dipu discovers that Tarek has a different face. He is very soft and kind hearted inside! Tarek struggles in life with his ill mother.

These two characters are the heart of the film. Surely you will be impressed by watching the building of their characters on screen. Dipu meets Tarek with a clash when Tarek tries to force Dipu to apologies. But arrogant Dipu can’t take that easily. He replies Tarek furiously and consequently Tarek beats Dipu brutally. Dipu thinks of taking revenge. But the situation changes with time. Dipu finds Tarek in a different way. There is a well known quote that “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. This film is a real life example in which the quote is perfectly reflected. At first viewers think that Tarek is not a good character. But afterwards gradually they come out of their prejudice. They find a friendly teen in him who easily attracts their sympathy. Director portrays all these things deliberately in detail.

Music plays an important role in the film. Placement of the sound is tremendous. Background music helps to connect audience with the language of the film. Cinematography was good and blended well with the storyline. Editing is quite satisfactory and so is the art direction.

At the end “Dipu Number Two” is one of the most breathtaking Bangladeshi movies. You will surely enjoy the movie if you haven’t watched the movie yet. Even if you watch it twice or thrice previously, it won’t allow you to feel bored. Certainly you will be nostalgic and able to attribute some of the characters with you or any of your friends.