Aishwarya stresses on timely cleft treatment for kids

23 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Aishwarya stresses on timely cleft treatment for kids

Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan emphasises on the necessity of early diagnosis and timely treatment of cleft among children, which, if left unattended, can lead to difficulties in breathing, speaking, eating, ENT infections and other complications, reports mid-day.

The actress, who is the Global Goodwill Ambassador of Smile Train, a children's charity dealing with the treatment of cleft lip and palate was present at Mumbai's NH SRCC Children's Hospital (a partner hospital of Smile Train India) on the birth anniversary of her father Late Krishnaraj Rai on November 20, which is celebrated as the 'Day of Smiles'.

Speaking at the event Aishwarya emphasised on the need for early diagnosis and treatment of cleft and said, "Being a mother is a great feeling and it is a blessing that a lot of us are so grateful for. But I feel it is extremely important for a mother to be empowered with the information and knowledge for the betterment of their children at all times throughout their lifetime. Birth differences like cleft can be detected at a very early stage, as early as 20 weeks of pregnancy via an ultrasound scan. Smile Train is making an effort to help maximum children get this treatment at a very early stage.

Through the network of Smile Train, the awareness that it is creating and the good work that it is doing, you can have an early diagnosis. In case your child has been detected to be born with a cleft, please do take the support of Smile Train and its partner hospitals across India to seek early intervention. This will help your child receive timely treatment and prevent further complications and thus enable you to live their life to its fullest potential."