Tanvir’s two films to be shown in Japan

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23 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Tanvir’s two films to be shown in Japan

Eminent film-maker Tanvir Mokammel has been invited to Japan where two of his films will be shown in an event. The films are — The Drummer (Jibondhuli) and The Garment Girls of Bangladesh (Bostrobalikara).

The event is being organised by the Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures and co-organised by Bangladesh Journalists Writers Forum, Japan Bangladesh Society and Sheple Neer.

Tanvir’s fiction film The Drummer will be screened in Tokyo on January 24. He will deliver a lecture on ‘Documentary Filmmaking in Asia: Hopes and Challenges’ under the auspices of Asian Leadership Fellow Program (ALFP) on the next day, organised by the International House of Japan. After the lecture Tanvir’s documentary film ‘The Garment Girls of Bangladesh’ will be shown. The film-maker will arrive in Japan on January 23 and return to Bangladesh on January 28.