How to cope with a toxic work environment

19 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

A hostile work environment can leave you feeling upset and reduce your productivity. No matter what the size of an organisation is, it can either be a hotbed for productivity and positive thinking or sometimes be negative and toxic. And there are definite ways to deal with the latter. Midlife coach Vaibhav Datar shares a few tips to do so...

1) Meditate for 10 minutes in the middle of the break or you leap into any work. Always remember to cultivate mindfulness and concentration.

2) Practice hypnosis in your workplace. This is a self-meditating practice and is the answer to reduce peripheral mental health condition in professionals.

3) One simple technique is the “Mental Imaginary technique” that can keep you going. To do this, relax on the chair, close your eyes, breathe slowly and evenly from stomach and not from the chest and deep dive into the past. Recall those fun moments which keeps the ability to make you feel energised and happy. After a particular imagination return back with good feelings from the memory you have garnered.

4) When you do come across with someone who has a selfish attitude, first try to comprehend their needs to do this. Do not give them the attention they might crave. 5) Do not compare yourself to others and always smile and greet others happily so to avoid any face to face conflicts. Also, do not change your inner belief due to any negative comment.

                – Times of India