RpMP filed 2,662 cases in 16 days

Our Correspondent

19 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

RANGPUR: Rangpur Metropolitan Police (RpMP) traffic department has filed 2662 cases in the last 16 days under the Road Transport Act.

Assistant police commissioner (headquarters) of the RpMP Rezanur Begum said daily sun this information on Sunday evening. “At present the case quantity is less. Because, we are putting more emphasis on raising the tendency for all to comply with the act including the raising public awareness before as well as fully implementing the Road Transport Act” said Rezanur Begum.

Meanwhile, RpMP has distributed leaflets and notification at various points in the city of Rangpur to raise public awareness about Road Transport Act in the last two weeks.

Especially, the concept of new road law has been given to the school-college students. View exchange meetings with transport owners, workers, drivers, passengers and pedestrians were held in different points in the city.

Assistant Commissioner of RpMP (Traffic-South) Nazran Rauf told that our traffic department is giving more importance to raising awareness before enforcing the law.