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Wireless connected lock

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18 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Wireless connected lock

Security solution maker ZKTeco has introduced two flagship hybrid biometric locking device with wireless connectivity.

The devices - HBL100 and HBL200 locks can conduct facial recognition in less than a second utilizing the specialised face algorithm, according to a statement.

Both locks also come with 2.8 Inches capacitive screen for smooth operation while the user can manage access of up to 100 people for this door through mobile app.

The lock out mode, smart alarm and reversible operation makes the lock stand out amongst the competition. Locks made of Zinc alloy are extremely durable and can operate in extreme weather. Besides, eight AA batteries keep the lock active.

At a single charge, the devices conducts 6,500 unites while the locks also provid ‘low power’ warning and capable to run ordinary lock without power.