Robbers active in guise of detective police

Mahabub Alam

18 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Several gangs of robbers in the guise of detective police are prowling around the capital to rob the bank clients of their money.

They mainly target those who go to bank alone for drawing a large amount of money from his account.

The criminals commit the robbery dividing themselves into three groups.

The first group enters bank and trace the client who draws a handsome amount of money.

The second group stays watchful outside on the premises of the bank while the third group waits in a private car.

The first group informs the second group of the client coming out with the money drawn from his account.

The third group follows the target person from their car and stops him at their convenient point on the road.

Then they introduce themselves as detective police and lift the target person forcefully in their car.

Inside the car they beat the victim mercilessly for taking the money from his possession and then throw him outside.

Mostofa Jaman, client of Pubali Bank’s Bimanbandar branch, fell victim of such robbery on October 21.

On the day, he drew Tk7.65 lakh from his bank in Uttara. While he was on his way home, six men intercepted him and introduced him as detective police and picked him up in their car.

Later, the criminals threw him on the road after taking the money he drew from the bank.  Later, the members of Rapid Action Battalion-1 arrested the robbers.

The robbers confessed that they had already committed 10 such robberies in the capital since they had organised their gang in 2018.

Mizanur Rahman was the leader of the gang. Once he worked in a private firm. Later, he formed the gang with assistance from Shamol alias Sabuj alias Sultan.

When contacted, Lt Col Sarwar-bin-Kashem, director (legal and media) of RAB Headquarters, said that they are trying to arrest the members of the gangs.

He urged the bank clients to stay cautious when they go to bank for drawing their money.