Rock 'n' Roll Fashion

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

18 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Rock 'n' Roll Fashion

Whether it’s an Artcell concert, a UG concert or an international rock concert you are attending in a different country, you know the dilemma that occurs when it comes to fashion! Even if you are not performing in the concert, it is still of magnanimous importance that you dress well, blend in with the crowd and still create your mark. In other words, no lousy, pop colours that will surely make you feel alienated (I am talking about neon orange, yellow, bright polka dots and so on). It’s difficult to look like everybody and unique at the same time! But with these rocking style tips, you are surely going to look like the metal queen that you are actually. Without further adieu, let’s explore some happening fashion ideas.


Pull it off with black 

Guy or girl, if you are going to a rock concert, black is the colour you need. Of course, some people sometimes wear different colours. But if you really want to look like a rockstar there, black is what you need. Then comes the next question. How do you make your style more conspicuous? Here, you may have to do some experiments with design, material and cutting. Opt for a short, pleated black dress with leggings or jeggings rather than black t-shirt and jeans uniform most people will wear there! You can also wear traditional. A black kameez with dark jewelry can help you achieve the perfect metal look. Avoid shirts as they tend to make the style formal. You can also try out asymmetrical dresses, crop tops with black, laced jackets and skirt, full black V neck t-shirt and black jeans!


Show off your piercings!

Rock concerts are a great place to wear ear rings, nose rings, lip rings, eye brow rings or tongue rings! If you have septum, opt for it. Piercings and tattoos can really make you look more exceptional and chic.


Go heavy on the makeup

If you are thinking about wearing smokey eyes and blood red lipstick but are wondering if it would be too much, don’t worry. It’s just perfect for a rock concert or metal concert! Other ideas include grey/smokey eye shadow with pink lips and blue contact lens, cats eye with brown lipstick, black eye-shadow with nude lipstick, etc.


Opt for gothic jewelry

Lace choker necklaces can surely amp up your look. Bracelets, rings and dangling earrings can also increase your style quotient. Just remember that the same embellishment can always serve two purposes. The nose pin you wear with your sari and kurti would look transformative when worn with a metal t-shirt and ripped jeans.


Give attention to your feet 

Last but not least, opt for black or any coloured sneakers. Heels are not a bad idea but most women usually avoid it. Wedges are great though. Try to avoid flip flops, ballerina and other too casual or feminine shoes.