Win some lose some in mitigation

14 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

We appreciate that the government is now providing subsidy to produce electricity from renewable energy. Renewable energy, like hydroelectricity, solar energy and wind power, are eventually going to turn the wheels of civilisation of the future.

It is appreciable that the government is implementing series of green energy projects despite scarcity of costly land for installation of solar panels, working to import hydroelectricity from Nepal and Bhutan, and receiving aid to implement series of green projects in the country. But we win some and we lose some, as the government plans to build three new coal-fired power plants. Whatever environmental benefit is gained from renewable energy will be neutralised by coal-fired power plants being shunned by most other countries.

A century of burning fossil fuel to produce electricity, run vehicles and industries, degraded the environment beyond imagination, giving rise to climate change affecting all aspects of life on earth. In addition, the reckless cutting down of trees to make way for agriculture and habitation reducing the number of forests, also added to the problem.

Hopefully, much of the effects of climate change are still reversible, provided that steps are taken as soon as possible to correct the damages done to the environment over the last century. All the countries of the world could not yet unanimously agree upon cutting down on emission to mitigate the situation. While the world takes its time to decide, the problem only keeps on mounting.

Bangladesh, being at the forefront, is one of the most affected countries due to climate change; therefore, every little bit we do counts, as we make a statement to the world regarding mitigation. Resorting to renewable energy could be our statement to the world to help mother earth heal her wounds. But of course until more countries turn to renewable energy the effects of climate change will not diminish.

Today’s young generation is very conscious about climate change and global warming. They also know about the issues causing the problem and the mindsets of policymakers that is preventing the solution. But it is our responsibility to ensure that we leave behind a beautiful liveable earth for our next generation to inherit.