Lucky Ali unveils new song

13 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Popular singer Lucky Ali and Israeli indie rocker Eliezer Botzer have joined hands for an album titled ‘Lemalla’. The cross-cultural project's first song ‘On my way’ is out now.

"We heard from them. I think they were looking for collaboration with any good Indian artiste. I think they met Rabbi (Shergill) also and a lot of people before. I think it just came down to ''let's work with this guy'', Lucky told IANS.

The ‘O Sanam’ hitmaker found Eliezer to be a "very happy kind of a soul". "We shared music. We got down to talking. He was intrigued ''You are an Indian with a different ethnicity. We spoke, music developed from one song to the next song, half of that song and quarter of that song. It went on till we had to decide ''okay, we need to compile this and put it out," he said.