Bangladesh makes progress in academic architecture

ArchAsia president Rita Sho tells the daily sun

Jannatul Islam

9 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Bangladesh makes progress in academic architecture

Rita Sho

Bangladesh has made significant progress in academic architecture as a good number of universities offer degrees in this field maintaining the global standard, said an international architect leader after appraising local infrastructures in Dhaka.

Architects Council Asia (ArchAsia) president Rita Soh also emphasised on youth enrollment in modern architecture while giving an exclusive to the daily sun during her recent trip to Dhaka.

The Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) and ArchAsia jointly organised the event marking the twentieth forum of the organisation which ended on Wednesday night.

“Bangladesh has made a significant progress in architecture as there are 21 universities which offer higher education on the subject while Singapore has only two institutes to teach the architects,” Rita added.

During the talk, the Singapore-based seasoned architect mentioned the significance of Dhaka summit as the organisation is celebrating the golden jubilee of its founding anniversary this year.

She said Bangladeshi architects have proven their excellence in works focusing on emerging technologies for developing sustainable structures and ensuring the environment-friendly habitat.

ArchAsia, a regional forum representing 21 economies in Asia, is considered to be the apex platform of architects in the region.

Flashbacking the early days of the organisation, Rita further mentioned that ArchAsia emerged with six-member countries which were once members of the Commonwealth Architects’ Association or CAA.

“We began our journey 50 years ago with six members which is now 21. And very soon Bhutan and Cambodia will come under the umbrella of ArchAsia,”

Prior the presidency of ArchAsia, RDC Architects managing director Rita led the Singapore Association of Architecture and the professional registration organization, the Singapore Institute of Architects.

Focusing on green architecture, Rita mentioned that there is no alternative to developing the environment-friendly structure to make the earth more habitat.

“For bringing excellence in architectural development, professionals have to attain emotional capacity to go through the work with empathy. From ArchAsia, we have continued our regular programme to inspire young professionals to focus on more humanitarian aspects in projects,” she added.

ArchAsia has six committees to promote architectural knowledge sharing across different territories in the region. The committees focus on architecture education, practice, social responsibilities, sustainability and young professionals.

Regarding the smart city, tech-shabby Rita gave her inspiring views saying , “Here technology is the most powerful tool and we need to use this for the betterment of the country. The main focus is data analysis, big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. In some cases, we want to see three dimension tools and competitive big data analysis. Even we use virtual reality for showing the clients about house and other models.”

According to Rita, ecological issues are more important to any architect to ensure a balanced habitat in the earth.

“Environment is very important and if you think you want to earn money then never go for it because architecture is not for making money, but it is for protection of environment,” she stated.

Rita was graduated with from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Architecture after attaining her honours degree on Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Arts.

It may be mentioned that 1500 architects from 21 member countries participated in the ArcAsia Forum while Bangladeshi engineers showcaseed local strength of architecture during the international conference.