Making Your Life More Vigorous

Joynul Abedin

7 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Making Your Life More Vigorous

Human beings are controlled by habits. Habits play a big role in one’s everyday life. While it sometimes brings negative changes, we can use habits for positive change as well. For instance, if you want to increase your energy level, you can do it through your habits. Getting yourself free from all the bad habits and introducing some new good habits in your daily life will make you feel happy, energetic and full of life all the day. So this is the time to search for alternatives to create better ways of living.

The first way to boost your energy is getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep is the foundation of your energy. When energy is low, sleeping a minimum of 8 hours per night is critical. So fix an aim to sleep in line with your body’s natural rhythms. If you struggle with sleep, make sure you turn off electronic items 2 hours before going to the bed. Along with decreased energy, insufficient sleep has been linked to weight gain, adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, and even elevated risk of premature death.

Regular exercise is the second way. Exercise is a long-term investment for improving your energy level. It is important to keep moving, but opt for walking, yoga or pilates. Exercise activates the lymphatic system to help the body’s detox pathways. It is also critical for mood and can help increase insulin sensitivity. If you are struggling with energy currently, you need to consider the types of exercise that are best for you right now. Intense exercise has its place. High intensity interval training can improve mitochondrial function and improve your metabolism, but it needs to be short, intense and relatively infrequent with lots of recovery time.

Then you can opt for a twenty-minute nap for increasing your energy. Napping may feel lazy, but there is research showing it has a range of cognitive benefits. This is particularly true if you are doing a lot of learning, since the short burst of sleep can help with memory. A short nap can turn you back on for work in the afternoon, when you would normally feel exhausted. Even if you work in an office that does not encourage napping, you can use a slice of your lunch break to take rest.

Habit of doing hard work in the morning is another way to boost your energy level. Fix an aim to get your most important works done in the first four hours of the workday, starting as soon as possible. The benefits to your energy here are mostly psychological. For most people energy levels depend a lot on their mood. If you have gotten some important works done, your mood will usually be good and you will feel productive.

Well, you may not be able to choose your parents, colleagues or your boss. But you do have some control over the friends in your life. You do not need to exclude friends who are going through temporarily rough times, but you should consider who you spend your time with when there are people who consistently create one-sided emotional exchanges as the basis for your relationships. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes, but some people will expect you to be their permanent shoulder.

Habit is not a one-time process, rather an ongoing effort to bring the different elements of your life out of conflict and into alignment with one another. A lot of energy is squandered because the different parts of our lives, both internal and external, are in conflict with each other. That could be the colleague at work who does not want you to get promoted, the friends who make fun of your goals or even the internal fears and assumptions that keep you hesitating. Spend some time for untangling the different conflicts in your life to see how you could resolve them. Sometimes that can be done in the short-term, by making a change. Sometimes, it requires a long-term plan to escape the toxic environment, social circle or belief system that holds you back.