Game of data stacking

Jannatul Islam

4 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Game of data stacking

CramStack is a data analytics company in Bangladesh which started its operations back in 2016. Right from the beginning, the goal of the company was to serve a 360-degree data analytics and solution providing organization in the Bangladeshi market.

Bringing in expertise from various backgrounds and considering different industry angle, CramStack develops solutions for companies optimized to their needs and industry dimension they are operating in. To provide a holistic solution, CramStack has their own set of programs that can all work together in order to give the clients a seamless experience when dealing with data.

An aspiring Entrepreneur with an inclination towards data and technology, Mir Sakib founded this company on April 1st, 2016 after learning about the industry through his experience of working for a deep tech company.

All this took place in a short span of time as prior to entering this field, he started working as a Management Trainee at Incepta after which his talents in this field started to come to fruition after winning the Election Hackathon of Asia Foundation hosted by HiFi Public for his own data product.

The company was officially registered in September 2016. Currently, Cramstack has many other talented people leading this company as well. With the head of product design, Hasib Mahmud, VP of Engineering Monesul Haque and VP of marketing, Salman Rahman, the company has grown quickly in the last three years and has completed multiple projects over the time period.

From its inception, Cramstack has been focused on how to work with data on a regular basis and make it easier for companies to use their data. Initially, they were able to build a product that allowed a user to easily search for any kind of data from their database using plain English.

After which they started developing a program that would allow users to ask questions regarding data like how a person would use a search engine. These products would later form their current flagship offerings and expanded into the many solutions that they provide for their clients.

Currently, Cramstack’s portfolio consists of two parts: on the product end, Cramstack focuses on Natural Language Query for Enterprise Database in which case its target consumers are mostly international companies and on the service side of things, Cramstack provides full-scale solutions for the digital transformation of any company. This includes services from Data Storage and Transformation to Insight Extraction to Data Visualization to even Analytical Scenario Generator.

Cramstack has gained experience over the years on building processes consisting of image recognition, text analyzers and insight recommendation systems which helps their client to fully utilize data. Working with BCG, Cramstack successfully developed a Data Analytics platform for the Ministry of Power Energy and Mineral Resources. This Platform worked in conjunction with their data sources from files, excel files and images scattered across various platforms and combined them in one cohesive dashboard displaying data from all their power plants and stations.

All this data used to be spread out across different platforms and would have been considered too clunky to go through one at a time, however with this system, tracking the plants and keeping tabs on all metrics turned into a breeze thus accelerating their decision making processes from their finance to their operations and management departments.

Cramstack creates these analytical dashboards tailored for their specific customers to reduce operations bottlenecks for them. A similar B2B product is being offered to a leading Private Bank where they are providing a user analytics platform and management dashboard. They are also able to create intelligent data streamlining systems from which data collected from PDFs and documents are brought to a common platform making it available for all users.

 After streamlining, they transform the data and exert insights to predict and create possible forecasts. When it comes to custom segmentation for credit transactions, they are able to use credit card statements and create transaction profiles. This is used to make consumer segmentation for the banks thus making it easy to control credit and issuance of it. All these combined features and data solution implementations give Cramstack the ability to collect, process and utilize data to recommend decisions to their customers.

Cost-based revenue model is the main focus of Cramstack. Currently, Cramstack aims primarily for Customer focused companies, however, they are focusing on data analytics service which will provide solutions on a monthly/annual basis. When it comes to scalability, Cramstack wants to continue to focus on improving its current offering rather than increasing its number of clients to provide quality solutions for their customers.

Cramstackgot selected for the GP Accelerator batch 02, which is one of the many awards it has won over the course of its operations such as the Digital Winners Award in 2017 Bangladesh and the Echelon top 100 prize here.

Aside from these national accolades, Cramstack has won many awards abroad notably the top 15 of the prestigious startup grind in Silicon Valley 2018. Cramstack also got selected for the Nvidia Inception Program 2018 and was selected as a portfolio company in the Rockstart AI Intelligence Batch 2 which is the premier Artificial Intelligence accelerator in Europe.

The Data Transformation Industry is poised for growth in Bangladesh. With a high population, there is a huge pool of data that is slowly maturing and will be available to analyze and optimize in the future. Cramstack’s main goal is to make all this data easier for companies to comprehend.

The future of the world rests in the proper utilization of Data and its implementation, and Cramstack is set to take advantage of forthcoming opportunities within Bangladesh and in Foreign countries. With time to mature, the technological offering will improve and people will be able to utilize many more features of data analytics on a day to day basis. The path to this future will be paved by companies like Cramstack and their advancement in this field.


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