BRTC’s Tejgaon Training Institute

Driving licence on sale !

Mahabub Alam

4 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Are you desperately looking for a driving licence? No matter whether you are skilled or not, contact BRTC’s Tejgaon Training Institute. It is on sale at this state-run organisation!

Sources said dishonest staffs of the organisation in conjunction with a section of officials of the state-run Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) were involved in this heinous crime for a long time.

They said assistant cashier Mohammad Joynal, driver Monir, Bahadur, Ruhul Amin and Mohammad Alam are among the ‘corrupt employees’ of Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) while Mohammad Monir, manager of the institute, allegedly backed the wrongdoers.

They make one customised pass for written, viva and field tests to get the licence in exchange for Tk 8,000 to 20,000, sources said, adding that they also arrange proxy for unskilled and weak examinees.

But manager Monir denied the allegation against him and other employees.

According to the rules of BRTA, at first, one is to apply for Learner Driving Licence paying Tk 345 for one category and Tk 518 for two categories.

After two to three months, he or she is qualified for the written, viva and field tests at BRTA premises or its approved places.

After passing the tests, one can seek Smartcard Driving Licence from BRTA paying Tk 1,680 for professional licence and Tk 2,542 for unprofessional one.

BRTC’s Tejgaon Training Institute is approved by BRTA to take tests for driving licences. The tests are taken by BRTA men while staffs of BRTC help them.

However, the aforementioned employees and some others of BRTC assist the BRTA men during the tests in the institute at 32, Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Sarani in the capital.

Several hundred driving licence seekers gather there every Friday for the tests. Almost all of them have been contracted.

While visiting the institute on November 1, this correspondent found that several hundred examinees thronged there.

When asked, a number of them said they have made contracts with the staffs of the BRTC institute for light vehicle licences.

A man, who came to the BRTC Tejgaon Training Institute from the city’s Lalbagh area to sit for the three tests, told the daily sun that he would need Tk 10,000 for getting the licence. “I made a contract with driver Monir in this regard.”

“After getting the learner card, it was difficult to get the exam schedule. My driving teacher sent me to Monir and he arranged everything in exchange for money,” he said.

Sources in the institute said a private television channel had earlier caught the bribe exchanging scene between examinees and driver Monir along with another employee.

Then, the authorities concerned did not take action against Monir, but suspended the other person.

Driver Monir could not be contacted for comment despite several attempts over his phone.

Another man, who also came to the institute for tests, said that his driving teacher sent him to assistant cashier Joynal. “I have made a contract with Joynal.”

When contacted, Joynal disconnected phone line before asking him details.

Mohammad Alam, staff of the training institute, had taken part in the written and viva tests on November 1 instead of one Harun in exchange for Tk 15,000, said another staff of the institute.

This correspondent pretending as an examinee asked Alam whether he would be able to appear in the written and viva tests for another man, he replied in the affirmative.

“Actually, we do such jobs for the students of our training institute. Even after that, you can contact me,” he said.

A youth, who came to sit for the tests from Chandpur, told the daily sun that he would need the driving licence urgently for going to Saudi Arabia. “I contracted with a broker here in exchange for Tk 20,000. I paid him Tk 10,000 in advance and the rest will be paid after getting the licence,” he said.

But the youth did not disclose the name of the broker.

Bahadur, an employee of BRTC, was contacted by the correspondent pretending as an examinee.

When asked whether he would be able to manage licence urgently, he said, “I cannot manage licence urgently. But I can do so and it will take time.” Ruhul Amin was phoned in the similar way and he agreed, saying that it would need Tk 8,000.

Sources in the institute said that manager Monir allegedly leads all the aforementioned ‘brokers.’ 

When contacted, manager Monir denied the allegation.

Both Chairmen of BRTA and BRTC Md Kamrul Ahsan and Md Ehsan-E-Elahi could not be contacted for their respective comments on such malpractice by staffs.