I will not resign, says CWAB President

Sports Correspondent

23 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Cricketers’ Welfare Association of Bangladesh (CWAB) President Naimur Rahman Durjoy said that there is no question of resigning but he is ready to organise fresh elections.

Members of Bangladesh national cricket team and senior players on Monday announced the boycott of national and international cricket unless their eleven-point demands were met.

One of the key demands of the players was the resignation of CWAB officials.

CWAB President Naimur Rahman at a press conference on Tuesday said they will not resign but give an election soon for a new committee.

“If they think that the players who were in the protest yesterday (monday), that CWAB is not working for them. From that realisation they might have demanded our resignation. They can hope for that but CWAB is not an association for those people. We have to know if everyone involved agree with their demands.  CWAB is an association of current and former players. We have to see if everyone wants it,” said Naimur.

“CWAB Vice-president Sujon bhai, Secretary Debu is here with us. We have played national League during the worst period of our cricket. So we have suffered more than them. We always asked to improve the quality of first-class cricket to improve our Test. So, if they question our integrity, it hurts as CWAB was always there to protect their rights,” told Naimur.

“This foundation was always led by players and it will remain the same. If they want new leadership, it has come through according to the constitution,” he said.

“So the person is the people’s choice will be elected. We don’t want to stay here. Maybe there are some differences in perception because of the generation gap,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Federation of International Cricketers Association on Tuesday extended its support for Bangladesh players in strike and said it would review the membership of the Cricketers’ Welfare Association of Bangladesh for not fulfilling its role.

“FICA commends the players in Bangladesh for their unity and for taking a stand together in order to secure fair conditions applicable to them as professional cricketers,” FICA Executive Chairman Tony Irish said in a statement

“It is also clear to us that the players in Bangladesh don’t feel heard or respected in relation to important issues that affect them in their careers and that affect their livelihoods. It is the role of a players’ association to be the voice, and collective representative, of the players, and it is a matter of concern to us that the Cricketers’ Welfare Association of Bangladesh does not appear to be fulfilling this role at a very critical time for the players,” felt FICA.

It is of further concern that it appears that office bearers of CWAB hold positions with the Bangladesh Cricket Board.’

“Given the collective nature of the issues we believe that it’s important for FICA to offer its support and assistance to the players during this time,” he said.