BSCIC estate to generate 5,000 jobs in Rajshahi

22 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

RAJSHAHI: Development works of the second industrial estate of Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) are progressing aimed at generating employment opportunities for more than 5,000 people in Rajshahi.

The estate being developed on 50 acres of land at Parila area will also help flourishing industrial sector in the city and its outskirts.

The development works are being implemented under a project titled “Rajshahi BSCIC Industrial Estate-2″involving around Taka 131.74 crore since July, 2015, reports BSS.

BSCIC, Rajshahi Regional Office has been implementing the project setting a target of developing 296 plots for accommodating 250 industrial units coupled with generating the employment opportunities.

Tamanna Rahman, Regional Director of BSCIC and Director of the project, here said the government has taken the decision of providing industrial plots to the actual entrepreneurs as per the necessity.

Under the project, there will be three types of plots. The number of A-type industrial unit is 83 having 6,000 square feet each while 89 units will be B-type with 4,500 square feet each and the remaining plots will be S-type with the size of 3,500-8,000 square feet.

The industrial plots will be developed considering the country’s socio-economic condition and future necessity, as the entrepreneurs are expanding the SME gradually in the region,” she added.

Meanwhile, the existing industrial estate of BSCIC Rajshahi has no plots, but demands are coming repeatedly from the entrepreneurs.

The existing industrial estate has been making profit amidst investment by some of the country’s big companies.

Besides, most of the sick and laid off industries were replaced with new viable enterprises. Companies like Abul Khair Group, Pran Agro Limited and Nitol Group have launched industries.

Most of the industrial units have become profitable over the last couple of years as the local entrepreneurs have been showing keen interest in restarting the sick industries and operating their business successfully after transferring ownership.

The 325-plot estate, established in 1961 on 95.71 acres of land, has been providing electricity, water supply, security, road and drainage facilities to the entrepreneurs for running their business.

Several silk-clothes manufacturing units earned reputation for their quality products. There would be no more sick industry in the estate.

Tamanna Rahman said the present government has a separate view-point towards Rajshahi’s development and intends to accelerate its socio-economic improvement through the best use of the existing industrial potentialities.

It is very much committed to ensure proper utilization of allocated plots for industrial purpose aiming to promote industrialization in the country.

She said the government has given special emphasis on building planned industrial estates throughout the country to attain the goal of sustainable and eco-friendly industrialization.

Terming the BSCIC industrial area viable for any small and medium industry, Liakat Ali, President of Bangladesh Silk Industries Owners Association, said the entrepreneurs are making profit through the best uses of the existing potentialities and resources.