Tighten noose on money laundering

22 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Siphoning off the country's money by unpatriotic elements in the country is synonymous with eating up the country's development prospect from inside. When the government under the bold leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina continues to steer the country forward to achieve the prestigious milestone of economic prosperity, making a hunger and poverty-free Bangladesh, unscrupulous quarters are found involved in laundering money abroad. This is a serious crime which cannot be accepted and authorities concerned must tighten the noose to minimise this practice if getting rid of it totally is not possible. 

A report published in this newspaper yesterday said the government has taken a vigorous move to bring back the laundered money from Swiss Banks and some other countries in the globe. Surely, this is a much-awaited move, especially when money laundering is a growing concern. Earlier, international media reported about the growing deposit of Bangladeshis in Swiss Banks which maintain strict secrecy about depositors' details as part of its operating policy.

However, the bank shares valuable information about its clients with a country which have a bilateral deal in this respect. As reported, India and the United States of America have received valuable assistance from the banks in dealing with notorious money launderers under the agreement. It is relieving that Bangladesh is also trying to get similar help from the Swiss Banks like these countries.

The Bangladesh financial intelligence unit has already been tasked to work out suitable strategies in line with the countries and in cooperation with ACC, NBR and other relevant government bodies to get valuable data about criminals who deposited the country's money with the bank illegally. After the implementation of the likely strategy, criminals will surely lose the haven for laundering money.

  It is worth noting that the international bank is not the only destination of laundered money. Corrupt citizens send their ill-gotten money to many countries; they invest in business and buy expensive assets abroad. But, it is not always easy to locate the trafficked money in a foreign land. Undoubtedly, the zero-tolerance policy of the government will help check corruption, which is the source of illegal money, and support the government's effort to prevent money laundering.