Noble praise from Nobel laureate

21 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

It is always nice to be appreciated for one’s achievements. If the words of praise come from someone who has himself earned praiseworthy renown like winning the Nobel Prize, then his words carry more weight than of the others. When Abhijit Banerjee, the Bengali Nobel laureate who won the coveted award for Economics this year, praises the economic policies pursued by Bangladesh, which led to her economic growth, it validates the decisions of the policy makers and the development journey of the country! 

In an interview with The Times of India, Abhijit Banerjee lauded Bangladesh for its growing economy, saying that the economy of Bangladesh is on the right track, as the government has adopted good policies and that economic condition of Bangladesh is better than that of India. He also said that Bangladesh is implementing various projects in a planned way creating employment for its people adding that if people are employed, they will have buying capacity which helps industries expand. He also opined that employment generation is a gateway to the economic development as it plays the role of catalyst in this regard.


Though it certainly feels good to receive hard-earned praise, and we do thank Abhijit Banerjee for his glaring words, but in fact, he is stating only the truth as he sees it. In the last decade, Bangladesh has not only traversed a tremendous distance on the path of development but also had a focused growth as never seen before in this country. Bangladesh has seen well-rounded development in almost all sectors of the country - economic, social and political.

The greatest socio-political change happened due to women’s empowerment and greater access to education of the girl child. A stipend for each school-going student, particularly the girls, given directly to the mother, ensures continuation of girls going to school. Giving the stipend to the mother also elevates her status in family and society. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s milestone decision to include mother’s name in certificates and documents of a person, in addition to the father’s, uplifted the woman’s role as mother.

For economic emancipation, education and mentoring are important for a nation to overcome age old barriers and to move ahead with the rest of the world. Happily, praise from the Nobel laureate brought positive attention to Bangladesh’ progress.