Khatta Mitha’s new season starts

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21 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Khatta Mitha’s new season starts

Kid’s favorite puppet drama Khatta Mitha’s third season has been started on Duronto TV.

This programme is directed by Mithun Hasan and Mohammad Ali and researched by Dr. Rashid Harun. This puppet drama is being aired on every Friday and Saturday at 9:30 am and 7.30 pm.

The story of the show is revolves around two friends Khatta and Mitha. But they are not ordinary friends. Because they are puppets! 

Khatta is a bit clever and mischievous. Mitha is the opposite; he is patient, kind, friendly and obedient. Through this puppet show, Khatta and Mitha tell everyone about the benefits of being good and the downsides of being bad.

Every episode of Khatta Mitha has a new story and filled with joyful, engaging moments and tries to send moral messages in a fun way.

Puppet shows are part of Bangladeshi folklore. It has always played an important role in spreading social and ethical message to our society.

It excites both rural and urban children of our country.