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4 Tricks To Look Posh

Afroza Zaman Anni

21 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

4 Tricks To Look Posh

Looking stylish and looking expensive are two different things. Style is personal and subjective. Whereas, looking expensive is related to more classy trends and incorporates luxurious details. It’s easy to look expensive by wearing pricey things. But since most of us cannot waste our money to just look expensive, so you have to give a little more effort and get creative. Here are 4 tricks to look expensive without breaking the bank:


1. Learn the art of splurge, spend and save


To pull off an expensive look and stay within a normal budget you need to learn the art of mixing high and low pieces together. Split your budget into three categories: splurges, spends, and saves. Splurge on pieces that will have lasting, sometimes lifelong impact. I’m not telling you to buy all of these things at once. Instead, think of these as items you will collect over time. You want to be able to wear them just about every day without worrying whether they will go with anything in particular, like an iconic, classic, timeless handbag or an indulgent accessory, or jewelry like a pair of diamond studs or pearls. In short, anything vintage or heirloom quality will be better. Think about pieces you’re saving for a special occasion, or have been handed down to you. Incorporate these into everyday outfits when they make sense. Next, spend on better basics (a great fitting pair of dark jeans, couple of good traditional saris or tunics) and use a significant percentage of your budget for these. Finally, save on anything you won’t wear frequently such as white tees and tanks, printed tops and skirts.


2. Pay attention to accessories


Knowing how to pair accessories is important. A good guideline is to pull from the same category. If you’re dressing for the evening party, carry a clutch. A lightweight shoe, like a strappy sandal, needs an equally light bag; otherwise there will be no balance. Same goes for things like ankle boots and chunky shoes; they need something of equal weight. Additionally, be sure that everything is in good condition. Keep shoes, belts and bags clean and polished, change shoe laces frequently, and replace items that have started to look worn-out. While purchasing accessories, remember that simpler options are the better options (especially if you are spending less).


3. Focus on monochromatic and textured pieces


The power of keeping your look monochromic cannot be overstated.  It’s a sophisticated way of dressing. But you want to be strategic with it, because you don’t want to just wear all your black at the same time. Instead, you want to layer on different tones and incorporate texture for a well composed outfit. You can also mix neutrals, like black and navy, or cream and tan, and even not so obvious combinations like dark gray and forest green. Texture adds depth and interest - it works the same way pattern does, but in a more modern way.


4. Work on healthy skin to simplify your makeup


You will need less makeup if you have a healthy skin. Instead of piling on layers, let your skin shine through and use specific products to enhance your best features. Too much makeup or makeup done in a haphazard way will ruin your overall look.