A Big Wedding: What To Keep In Mind

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

21 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

A Big Wedding: What To Keep In Mind

Trends have changed not just in fashion but also in other sectors. How someone gets married has also changed in our society over the years.

There was once a time when a wedding meant turmeric paste, floral garland decorations for the would-be bride, leaf decorations for the house, a seemingly average scale of 30-50 people invited for ‘pulao and curry’ next day with a red sari-clad bride, a groom in a white punjabi with a lot of embellishments on his head garment and of course, the journey on a palanquin for the newlywed bride. Now, it is a grand affair especially in the city! Halls are booked at prestigious venues. Choreographers are hired a month before the wedding. Food and venue are not the only important matters. Something of equal importance, perhaps slightly more in some cases, is the necessity of a team of good photographers! Who would marry and not take high-definition pictures to post over social media in the 21st century?

While marriage ceremonies can last a week or more now, with the pre-wedding photo shoot, engagement ceremony, heena night, musical night, holud ceremony, and reception all taking place one after another and their preparations taking even longer, what if suddenly you find out you do not have that much time? Or what if you do not want to hire a wedding planner for your big day? Suppose you have found the love of your life finally and do not want to delay the wedding. This means you may not even have a month to prepare! Well, fear not! Groove is here!

If you are the bride or groom or a parent, then you have a lot coming your way the next month! First and foremost, try not to worry. Stress is bad, especially if you are the bride or groom and it will reflect on your face on the big day. If you have everything properly planned, then it should not be a problem.

You need to begin with booking a hall. Have a general idea of how many guests you are expecting and book it that way. It is likely that the more you delay, the fewer halls you will get since most of them get booked early. Prior to booking, create a plan of which functions you want to do. If you want to do them all, you should plan accordingly. For weddings to be held at close proximity, it is advisable to do fewer events. Alternatively, you could do the akd (engagement ceremony) and then do all the events later much more grand! Wedding comes only once in most people’s lives after all!

Keep your shopping days spaced up. Go at a time when you will face less traffic. Decide on what you need to buy before you go to buy them. Try not to haste since these create more problems later! If you have around a month left for the wedding, you can breathe and do your shopping. If you have less than a week for the shopping, get it done as fast as possible!

Before your wedding day fix an appointment with a parlour for some spa. Make sure you appoint your beautician for bridal makeup in advance too. This is the stage you also need to get the photographer contacted.

One of the problems of not hiring a wedding planner is creating a good stage. However, there are many available online now and you can easily look at stages and their costs and pick one suitable for you.

Last but not least, try to relax on your wedding day. It’s after all your day! If you have planned everything in advance and acted upon your plan, then things should turn out smooth even if you have prepared your wedding in less than two weeks!