The Allure Of Aquariums

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

21 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The Allure Of Aquariums

Fish is the best choice for someone who thinks having a pet is a huge responsibility. Fishes are beautiful, low-maintenance creatures. While it’s loving and aesthetic, you still have to take some responsibility.

You need to feed them and also change the water of their habitat now and then. Having an aquarium is extremely rewarding. However that trend has now become less popular. Cost of the aquarium as well as the cost and effort for maintenance could be the reasons. Yet, we would still urge people to own an aquarium if they possibly can. Here are a few reasons why:


It is visually appealing


An aquarium can totally change the scene in your house. The blue water with green weed and bright, colourful fishes are an amazing sight. While the entire aquarium itself is a simulation of an artwork, the types of fishes you include enhance their artistic quotient and, as a result, uplift the visual aesthetics in your home.


Where you place it is important


Where to place the aquarium also plays an important role in modern interiors. To save space, you can integrate it into the wall. Built-in aquariums create a mysterious feeling and serve as a living wall on the table.


Great for kids


Kids these days are so addicted to their or their parents’ smart phones. Either it’s that or video games. Invite the fishes to your home and you will see a significant change in their attitude. Instead of looking at a mobile screen that is harmful for their eyes, they will be looking at the beautiful, mysterious and majestic aquarium. You can teach them how to be kind and caring towards animals as well. 


Good for people with cardiovascular diseases


Research shows that aquariums are great for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. There is a serene effect in watching these fishes swim gently in water and the effect is said to be so calm that it lowers blood pressure.


Creates harmony at home


Any painting or furniture placed in your home may add beauty but will not create harmony. An aquarium is capable of doing that. Not only will it help hyperactive children and patients of heart diseases, but it is said to reduce stress and anxiety. People with aquariums in their houses have reported that they sleep better. Additionally, it also helps patients with Alzheimer’s disease. A fascinating study has shown that the presence of a fish tank in homes that care for Alzheimer’s patients can improve mood, alertness, appetite and can reduce aggressive behavior. Moreover, it also enhances creativity and productivity.

With so many benefits, one can conclude that having an aquarium can be the best choice for any residence. However, try to create not just a beautiful but a peaceful habitat for your fishes. Do not keep one lonely fish in a big tank. Conversely, abstain from keeping hundreds of fishes jammed into one tank. Give them enough space, food, clean water and love. In return, they will also do a lot for you!