Get That Extra Oomph!

21 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Get That Extra  Oomph!

It’s getting hotter around here and I am not talking about the weather! Groove has been one of the ultimate style solutions for every chic chicks and dapper men out there. But we were still looking for that edge. The result is this week’s fashion story. It is where bold vibes meet soft, feminine lines; where beauty is not just an expression but a symbol of power, womanhood and art. It is a statement that shares the sheer joy of emancipation. It is the capturing of a moment when a woman is her best self, her true self – confident, beautiful and indomitable. Explore the allure of urban styles in a reinvigorating and feminine way. Street style has never been hotter than this!


Urban Mode

Level the fashion game up because this week’s fashion is for the bold and beautiful ladies. Why do these tags need to be used for separate people when someone can be beautiful and bold at the same time?


Get the ‘boss look’

Being a woman in most societies mean having rules dictated out on a plate. It’s time to break that plate and seize your freedom! You should decide the rules just like you should decide what to wear and how to carry it. Wear a loose-fitted shirt with a pair of denim jeans in any manner you want. Make it lively and perky though. Don’t forget a pair of sneakers! Flaunt your curls and put on a pair of voguish sunglasses.  


Bring out the inner flame


Unleash your warrior side. However, you don’t need to wear a suit of armor for that! In fact, your fiery spirit can manifest itself in seemingly peripheral details. Wearing a pair of ripped jeans is one such detail most women except the bold and brave ones find hard to carry. Keep one or two braided strands like the warriors of ancient times. Let your makeup be light here since this look deserves a more natural approach. Eyeliners and neutral bases are perfect!


Wild and free


Live your dreams because life only comes once. No matter where you are, get out of your house and chase those dreams because time stops for none. A pair of heavy duty boots is just what you need to set your foot on the ground and race against time! Did I mention how classy they look with Western outfits? Let your hair down and let it flow freely in the wind --- wild and untamed like your spirit.


The color conundrum


If you ask which colour or colours you should choose to express your freedom, the answers will vary. Pink is a popular colour among women. White is the colour of peace. Red is the color of strength, bravery and wilderness. But the perfect colour is the colour you desire. Even a pale yellow color can be your means of rebellion. The idea is that whatever you are wearing, irrespective of color, design and pattern, wear it with confidence. Remember that even yellow can be a bold hue!

Model: Anushka  
Photo: Monjurul Alam
Wardrobe: Noir
Makeover: RED Beauty Parlour & Salon
Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom