Paul Feig wants to make sequel to all-female ‘Ghostbusters’

20 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Filmmaker Paul Feig says he intends to make a sequel to his 2016 all-female reboot of “Ghostbusters”, reports PTI.

The film, featuring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones in the lead, had received immense backlash from fans upon its release, with many people resorting to sexist insults. But despite the criticism, the director is still up for another movie in the franchise. “I would actually make another “Ghostbusters” if anybody ever wanted it, because I loved that world. I was like a kid in a candy store,” Feig told The Guardian.

The director believes there has always been a push back whenever a person has tried to change something or break rules.

“What is weird is when you come into something that brings a set of rules that are unbreakable because, as a storyteller, you”re, like, “why can”t I break that? Can”t I have fun with that?” he said.

Feig said he is looking forward to Jason Reitman”s take on the franchise, titled “Ghostbusters 2020”.

Reitman is the son of filmmaker Ivan Reitman, who directed the 1984 original and its 1989 sequel, both featuring Bill Murray, Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis as parapsychologists.

“For better or worse. I mean, we”ll find out when Jason”s movie comes out. If that goes through the roof, I”ll go: “Sure, I guess I made a mistake doing a reboot.”