Over 27,000 criminals caught thru Community Policing

Md Esaraf Hossain and Mahabub Alam

19 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Members of Community Policing helped law enforcers arrest 27,173 criminals across the country from July 2018 to June in the running year, according to Police Headquarters.

The help was of providing information on whereabouts of the professional and non-professional criminals.

Although allegations are sometimes raised against the members of community police, however, their assistance to lawmen is reported to be playing an important role in curbing criminals, including militants, almost in each area.

The policing committees with the help of lawmen settled 80,027 disputes on various issues from July 2018 to June in the current year.

The Community Policing is a service, which goes for the welfare of good people and against bad ones. The committees of policing formed with local people work with the lawmen in various ways.

The service of Community Policing was first launched in Mymensingh in 1992 with a name ‘Town Defence Party.’  In 1995, the service began at Demra and Kafrul of Dhaka in 1995.

Afterwards, the work spread across the country with the name ‘Community Policing.’

At present, 11,13,328 members on 60,918 committees are working. 

They settled 5,29,010 disputes through 3,37,749 anti-crime meetings from 2014 to June 2019.

A total of 44,277 Open House Days were also held while the number of rallies and visits to schools were 2,73,271 during the same period.

In the Open House Day, eve-teasing, child marriage, drugs, militancy and other crimes are discussed with a solution to end those.

The Community Policing had been functioning without a guideline since its launch.

But Police Headquarters has already planned to make a guideline for it, aiming to mobilize it.

All the directives about conducting the activities will be included in the guideline.

Sahely Ferdous, assistant inspector general (Community Policing) of police, told daily sun on October 17 that the guideline would be made shortly.

With the guideline, Police Headquarters has planned a set of action plans for it.

Formation of committee in every village and area to guard at night, building awareness against militancy and setting up box for dropping complaints against the public servants are among the plans. 

However, like the previous years, police will observe Community Policing Day in the last Saturday of October this year, which is October 26.

Police have taken up various programmes to observe the day throughout the country. The programmes include holding meeting, rally, blood donation, game, debate competition, essay competition and painting.    

Police Headquarters has already given directives to local, highway, railway and other units of police for the observance of the day.

In one of the directives, the headquarters said that police would not take extortions from anyone to observe the day.