Evil intent behind ban demand

18 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Man is a political animal, according to ancient philosophers. Politics is not the occupation of ordinary beings. It requires a spirit of sacrifice, the ability to think about the greater good of society, the power to forget self-interest and more to be a politician by definitions entrenched in the books of Political Science. But such politicians are bound within the pages of books and theories for decades. But imagine a world where the politicians in reality are a reflection of those as seen by Plato and other great philosophers and political scientists! What the mind can dream, it can turn into reality.

Blaming politics for all that is wrong with the world is not a new trend in the country. Previously also there have been several attempts to ban student politics in the country’s educational institutions and sanitise universities of politics in the pre-liberation days. If the colonial rulers were successful in their conspiracy in banning student politics, then the Language Movement, the movement for autonomy, the Non-Cooperation Movement, all which eventually led to the independence of our beloved motherland might never have been possible.

Since the British period students took active part in political activities to protest against injustices of the colonial power. Recall the story of Masterda Surya Sen who inspired youths to fight against the tyranny of British rule. Then the British condemned the youths as traitors. But for the people they were freedom fighters. If we follow history, we will be aware of the importance of politics in national and international matters. Student politics was part of our freedom movement against the British and Pakistan.

We are a self-governed independent country because of the political movements of students of long ago. Bengali nation has always been politically conscious. In every Bengali household the dining table is often the centre of heated political discussions among family members. It is part of our culture and tradition at home and with friends.

People who used politics for personal gains have defamed politics by their actions. They were not real politicians by any definition. Healthy progressive politics for social, economic and political upliftment of the country is needed. Banning politics from institutions would create a politically unaware generation and a vacuum which people with evil intent might try to fill. We must a find a middle-way where politics of student welfare and nation building can be done, but not that is linked to wrongdoings or violence.