Apple Watch Series 5: So Close To Perfection

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17 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Apple Watch Series 5: So Close To Perfection

The Apple Watch has always improvised over the years and gained some excellent new features, but it continues to remain in the shadows. This year with all the latest upgradation on its specifications the Apple Watch Series 5 has not failed to surprise its users.



The Apple Watch Series 5 is identical to the Series 4. The digital crown is on the right along with the microphone and the side button. Cellular enabled variants of the Apple Watch Series 5 have a red ring on the digital crown. Moreover, the base of the watch has the optical and electrical heart rate sensors (the former to log your heart rate and the latter for ECGs). The speaker is on the left side of the watch. There are two size variants - 40mm and 44mm - and each of them is available in GPS or GPS + Cellular options as well as several choices of body material, colour, and band.

The cellular variants of the Apple Watch Series 5 allow you to make and receive phone calls even when your phone is not with you. The device uses the same good old magnetic charging cradle that every other Apple Watch so far has used. Many brands keep designing new chargers for iteration of their wearable, and users will be glad to see that Apple settled on one charger on its first attempt.



Series 5 watch carries gorgeous OLED screen with vivid colors and it gets very bright so that it's easy to see outdoors. One interesting fact is that the resolution on the Series 5 is at 368 by 448 pixels for the 44mm model, which is higher than the resolution on the original iPhone (it had a 320 x 480pixels).

The standout feature of the Apple Watch Series 5 is it uses a unique combination of an innovative display, low-power display driver, a new ambient light sensor and an efficient circuit that the older watches simply did not have. The core technology is called a low temperature poly-silicon and oxide display (LTPO) and it can do one magic trick: it can act like a normal screen, refreshing 60 times per second, or it can switch to a super slow refresh mode and refresh just once a second. This new super slow refresh mode is turned on when you are not looking at the screen and it is extremely battery-efficient.