Late Autumn

Mozammel Sumon

17 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The golden sun laughs in the morning.

Wagtail whistles that's very charming.

Kartik and Agrahayan are late Autumn.

To see the ripe grain of rice is awesome.


Happiness of mind, wind is blowing.

Tip of the squash is quickly growing.

Kingfisher is in the pond with meditative face.

In the river, Ospreys hope small fishes.


In this time, new scent of rice comes.

In the field, dreamy paddy husk laughs.

Peasant's life dances for happiness.

With singing, he cuts paddy.


The village wife threshes the rice.

Rice is filled in winnowing fan, so nice!

Happiness lies unripe in paddy's straws.

Dusts fly in the air, its natural approach.


Harvest festival starts in every home.

Late autumn is naturally so awesome.


 (The writer is a student of the Department of Statistics, Islamic University, Kushtia.)