For a total war against militancy

16 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Hardened militants remain active in the city and continue to show presence by carrying out attacks on police in recent times. The hurling of improvised explosive devices on the policemen at traffic police boxes in Gulistan and Malibagh and planting of similar devices near police boxes at Khajurbagan and Paltan ratify that organised criminals have mainly targeted police. Earlier foreigners were targeted in the cowardly Holey Artisan attack by the domestic terrorist groups who finally failed to establish a relationship of cooperation with international terrorist outfits, including ISS.

From time to time they are surfacing from hideouts with the addition of new faces in the team and attacking people to attract the attention for getting the support from international terrorist networks. Though the law enforcement agencies have tamed them significantly through carrying out prompt and successful actions against dens of militants and on their channel of networks, their presence remains a matter of concern. They are yet to be uprooted.  

Media reports say that some students from NSU and Scholastica, who took part in the Gulshan cafe attack, were brainwashed by the recruiter team of militants. It is worthy of noting that two militants who have been arrested recently confessed that they got involved with JMB when they were studying at Khulna University of Engineering and Technology. This means the recruitment channel of terrorist outfits remains still active in the country's educational institutions.

One can conclude, though the criminals are defeated in military fronts, they remain undefeated in ideological fronts. They have concocted anti-Islam propaganda in the guise of Islamic ideology and continue to deceive soft-minded students, especially those who do not have clear knowledge about Islam. This is how they recruit new members for killing missions. Militant groups have proved to be  hydra-headed and whenever they lose one front, come up with another to organise subversive activities against the state and its citizens.

We have to defeat notorious militants in the ideological fronts also and thereby prevent their propaganda to make the win against them ever-lasting. The initiative of the government to prevent the terrorist groups socially through campaigning the true teaching of Islam against the so-called 'jihad' deserves more focus and intensity in the fight against militancy.