AI for better Bangladesh

Jannatul Islam

14 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

AI for better Bangladesh

A Bangladeshi tech firm has been working on artificial intelligence(AI) for improving mass lifestyle alongside of providing support to public and private domains.

Yes, we talk about the Gaze Technologies which has deployed AI-enabled services in different sectors in association with corporate and law enforcement agencies.

Talking to Daily Sun, Gaze Chief Strategy Officer Syed Tanzil Ahmed explained different segments of the emerging start-up and its service innovations for developing Bangladesh better.

Tanzil began the chat sharing about the AI deployment in road safety issues.

“Law enforcement can employ AI to speed up the bulk of their work. For example, our work with DMP will help enforce road safety regulation in a more efficient manner. Due to the sheer number of vehicles on the roads and the general ignorance of traffic laws, it gets difficult for police officers to manually monitor individual violations of laws. Through the deployment of A.I, their work will be substantially easier and more efficient,” he added.

Tanzil thinks airport security is another sector that could be enhanced by artificial intelligence.

He said terrorism has been a longstanding threat to the global society, and one of the most efficient ways to curb this threat is to secure the borders of a country.

“Through the identification of fugitives, criminals and delinquents entering and exiting our country’s borders, Bangladesh will be taking a huge step in the fight against terrorism.  I lost my 8 year old brother, Zayan, to a terrorist attack earlier this year in Sri Lanka. I will personally take it upon myself to ensure no family goes through such horror again,”

Tanzil, a graduate student of International Relations, aims to open doors to new opportunities for the next generation of Bangladeshi talent.

Visualizing the prospects of technology as an industry, he works towards turning the AI industry into a market that allows engineers, scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs alike to thrive.

Tanzil is spearheading “Project Digital Dhaka” – Gaze’s initiative to turn Dhaka into a smart city; improving road safety, traffic management, generating digital traffic tickets, and improving the quality of life in Dhaka.

The tech firm has been working with a Bangladeshi conglomerate in identifying vehicles that are missing or illegal.

Through Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Vehicle Recognition and reference to the relative database, it will be possible to identify any vehicle that needs to be apprehended or recovered.

Regarding the AI effect in Bangladesh lifestyle, Tanzil mentioned that depending on how and where it is implemented, AI could enhance our lives by a huge margin.

When implemented in conjunction with the improved infrastructure that is in development, we could directly combat a major impediment to the livelihood of the average city dweller: Traffic, according to the software expert.

Tanzil further said the roads are improved and public transit is more accessible there would have been one impediment to progress in society – the ignorance towards traffic rules.

“Through the assistance of ALPR, Vehicle Recognition, Wrong Way Detection and the implementation of digital fines, the aspect of on-field bribery will be eliminated as well. No longer can drivers attempt to bribe their way out of a ticket, as our AI will automatically identify the violation and the registration of the vehicle in question,”

Aside from traffic, overall security of Hospitals, Hotels, Schools and private institutions will also be more secure. All of this together will bump up Dhaka in the global rankings for most livable city, Tanzil said as he experienced.

Artificial intelligence has significant contribution for developing economy towards the fourth industrial revolution.

Tanzil said the next generation of Bangladeshi talent has the potential to pioneer the 4th Industrial Revolution – of which AI is an integral part.

“Our team at Gaze has been growing exponentially, as we are finding new talent and getting new applicants every day. This shows a clear abundance of skilled, ambitious, hard-working engineers hidden amongst our society. It is only a matter of time before they spread their wings,”

Mentioning the possible sectors of AI, Tanzil explained that not only will AI boost the efficiency of our already booming industries such as RMG, Energy and Agriculture, it will also create an entirely new market that is yet untapped.

“As the demand for machine learning technology is going up across the world, the number of entrepreneurs supplying such technology will rise accordingly. This means that the growth of this industry will potentially create job opportunities for hundreds of thousands of University graduates in Bangladesh,”

Tanzil is very hopeful about the young generation of Bangladesh who will lead the prosperous future driven by technology.

“I would implore them to keep following their dreams, but to also remember that Bangladesh needs them. In the past, with all the lack of career options, societal pressure and poor living standards, I understand why we have been losing so much talent,”

He said Bangladeshi talent is no less than any other in the world. We have grit, ambition, intelligence, passion, and the spirit of rebellion inherited from 1971 that makes us relentless in our pursuit of progress.

“When all our prodigies come together, we will have the chance to enhance the world’s idea of what Bangladesh is. Gaze is a team of students and young adults united under one vision, and with our current momentum we are set to enhance the lives of millions. Imagine what will happen when more of such teams come together,” Tanzil concluded the conversation.

Its may mention, Gaze has been working for service innovation based on artificial intelligence for creating social impact through technology.

Gaze builds technologies like face recognition, license plate recognition, vehicle detection, automated surveillance alerts, etc.


Jannatul Islam is with Daily Sun. He can be reached at [email protected]