Call for austerity in using water

12 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Water is the basis of all kinds of human activity. Our life and healthcare, economic production and social activity depend on it. But as the demand for water rises exponentially all over the world, its supply is becoming more and more erratic and uncertain. Especially potable water is becoming increasingly costly and the government has to invest a significant amount of money on water treatment. In the metropolitan areas, the government provides tap water to the consumers at a subsidised rate. At the same time, safe drinking water crisis is a perennial problem.

Taking all these together, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked all to exercise austerity in using piped water as it is getting increasingly scarcer. In a major development, she inaugurated two water plants and laid the foundation stone of another of Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WASA) which has already started to provide capital Dhaka with an additional 600 million litres of piped water.

There are reports of rampant misuse of supplied water at household levels in metropolitan areas. When there are widespread cries and agonies for water, and the government is investing crores of taka on water treatment, any sort of wastage of this costly and indispensable resource is unpardonable.

Apart from creating awareness about austerity in the use of water, the government can introduce smart meters to check wastage of this resource at household level due to inefficient use.

Besides, it is perceived that a staggering amount of water is being lost due to system loss, illegal water lines and water theft, which can be dealt with by holding WASA accountable.

We must adopt a policy of making every drop count so that system loss during production and supply chain level and wastage can be significantly brought down.