Nusrat reacts to criticism for celebrating Durga Puja

12 October, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Nusrat reacts to criticism for celebrating Durga Puja

Trinamool Congress (TMC) lawmaker Nusrat Jahan, who played 'Sindoor Khela' at a pandal on Friday, has said that she respects people of all religions. During the celebration, Bengali Hindu women apply sindoor on the forehead and feet of the goddess and offer sweets to her, which is followed by applying sindoor on each other's face.

Speaking to media persons on Friday, Jahan said: "I have already sent a message to the people that nothing matters more than humanity and love. I am god's special child and respect humanity and love more than anything. I respect all religions," reports Hindustan Times.

Irked after Jahan, who is married to a non-Muslim businessman, performed the Durga puja a few days ago, an Islamic cleric called her "anti-Islamic."

The cleric said that she brought a bad name to the religion and urged her to change the name.

When asked about the remarks of the cleric, the lawmaker said: "I am engrossed in so much happiness and festivities today that I do not want to talk about the negative things."