Leveraging tech skills

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30 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Leveraging tech skills

CodersTrust is a global technology skill development organization. Global business leader Aziz Ahmad and Danish military captain Ferdinand Kearwolf founded the firm in Copenhagen on April 2014.

Sir Richard Branson and Morten Lund were also accompanied the foundation period of the applied education firm which education to the 99 percent with special focus technology.

The concept is to minimize cost and supply education globally through an online platform supported by human mentors.

CodersTrust, Bangladesh is training and guiding people to become professional developers, designer, marketers and more, giving them a chance to change their entire lifestyle and career.

The students are becoming successful freelancers, professionals and entrepreneurs, earning their own freedom, and breaking traditional career limitations.

CodersTrust co-founder Aziz Ahmad wants to train and guide the youngsters to become professional developers, designers, digital marketers and more, giving them a chance to radically change their lifestyle and career.

He said CodersTrust believes in realizing the power of technology to change lives and provide the youth with an opportunity of a lifetime.

Aziz also has high hopes for the local IT scene. ‘Being a core networking engineering person, I always believe that Bangladesh should have opened up the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology, focusing on the private sector to extend affordable services to the mass. Fortunately, to some extent, we have been able to do that. There are countless other instances where I believe the same can be done,’ he said.

CodersTrust tries to instill entrepreneurial thinking into our students. Aspiring entrepreneurs will be contending with challenges such as insufficient access to financing and stiff competition. But with the right kind of vision and right kind of perseverance, success will come, added Aziz.

Aziz Ahmed is a Bangladeshi-American network architect with a dream to empower young talents, women and underprivileged people with modern digital skills.

He is leading the US-Bangladesh Global Chamber of Commerce as Chairman and Chief Executive of UTC Associates.