Innovation in e-commerce logistics

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23 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Innovation in e-commerce logistics

Once again Paperfly is taking the lead to solve a critical problem for the E-commerce sector of the country.

 The “Return” has been a massive concern for all the E-commerce players, as almost 24% products get returned out of all online orders. Both the e-commerce and their logistics partners have to bear the cost for attempting to deliver these returned orders.

Out of the 24 percent returns, 21 percent is caused by either indecisiveness or unavailability of the customers. The rest 3 percent are identified as product or packaging issues and delays in delivery. But not always these numbers are readily available to act upon. Real-time proper visibility of the actual return reasons can help in taking steps in dealing with the number-one  issue of the industry.

 Paperfly has been working for some time to provide an effective solution to reduce this return percentage. 1st time in Bangladesh, with Smart Return feature, all the returned orders will be ‘on hold’ for 24 hours and both merchants and customers will have the opportunity to cancel the return and receive their orders. This will work as a double check mechanism and provide better visibility for all the return cases in an actionable manner. 

PaperFly Chief Marketing Officer Rahath Ahmed said the ‘Smart Return’ will help all our clients to reduce 5 percent to 10 percent return cases and will significantly save huge cost.

“This will also help our clients to have more visibility with big data about customers’ behavior, which they can use for their future decision making.”

 In an event recently organized by Paperfly, this feature was unveiled in front of representatives from all the major e-commerce and f-commerce players of the country. The audience applauded the innovative approach and expressed their gratitude for focusing on core problems of the industry.

E-commerce share in retail is less than 1 percent in Bangladesh now and the market is expected to grow as far as 15 percent to 20 in the next decade. These are major indicators how big this industry will become. Since logistics is the enabler for e-commerce, “we expect Paperfly to bring more such innovations in future” as expressed by many of the attendees in the event.