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Essential Elements To Make Your Lock Gorgeous

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

23 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Essential Elements To Make Your Lock Gorgeous

There are countless examples that can be stated to prove that herbs had always been a special part of a Bangladeshi household. Well, the same herbs can help you get voluminous, shiny hair. If you’re curious on just how to do that, here are the ten most popular herbs that can be used to enrich your hair health.



Before shampoos took over the world, reetha (soapnuts) were used in these parts of the world as shampoos. They have cleansing properties and would clean not just your scalp but your clothes, jewelry and what not! But don’t get too hopeful. Unlike shampoos, they don’t lather much except a little. Additionally, using reetha too often might also strip your hair of moisture. Then why should you consider using it? Well, it gives a beautiful luster. You could add reetha along with other herbs to your shampoo as well.



Reetha and shikakai are like cousins. Whenever they are mentioned in the beauty world, they are used together almost always. Shikakai also cleans and conditions hair, leaving it really black.



Well, if the above two are cousins, then amla or the Indian gooseberry is surely their aunt! That’s because amla is rich in Vitamin C and often used in various hair packs. Amla and shikakai together creates a rich brown colour.



There is a reason bhringraj (king of herbs) is thus named. Cardiovascular diseases, excessive glucose in blood, skin and hair problems- what can it not cure? However, it is mostly famous for its addition in hair packs. Add bhringraj to coconut oil, boiling it for few minutes and leave the mixture under direct sunlight for a few days.



Besides improving hair health and giving a rich colour, brahmi also relaxes a person by its soothing, cool effect. It also smells really wonderful. It could be your weekend home spa treatment with which you could pamper yourself!


Fenugreek (Methi)

Ok, this one is what every woman in Bangladesh is familiar to! Methi with coconut oil or methi with mehendi (heena) is a popular combination in every household. Methi can also remove dandruff from hair, giving it a lustrous shine.


Aloe vera

Many women opt for aloe vera to improve their locks. When used regularly, it makes hair really sparkling and smooth.



Neem is popular for its antiseptic properties. When used in the scalp, it helps increase blood circulation, thus improving hair health.


Black cumin seed (kalojira)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has once said about this miracle herb that it has the cure for almost every disease except death. When used regularly, it helps in achieving thick, luscious hair.


Green tea

This tea not only helps you look young and fresh but is also great when used on scalp. It is rich in anti-oxidants and gently conditions hair.

The thing with herbs is that the result is never instant. So you need to use it for quite a long time to see the best results. Make sure you use a good shampoo and conditioner with it.