Money: Present day concept

22 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Money: Present day concept

In school, we were taught that money can be defined as ‘means of exchange for buying commodities.’ But if we observe today’s world, is money limited to only exchanging for commodities? Deep, isn’t it? If we explore the matter deeply we can find something new about the concept “money”.

In the present world, money is not only limited to as means of exchange for commodities only, it has some new definitions. Nowadays, money has become the reason of happiness. We used to learn earlier that time, love and happiness cannot be bought. But with the world becoming more materialistic, now it is possible to buy happiness, love and even time with money. For instance, now marriages take place not between a girl and a boy but between a rich girl and a rich boy or we can say between money and money.

If we want to relax somewhere for a while, even for that we need money to pay for it. For example, if we want to chill in Cox’s Bazaar sea beach, we need to pay to go and stay there even for that ‘sometime.’ If we want to relax for more time, more money is required. So this is how the world is now!

Let’s talk about family now. In your family, especially in case of boys, if you do not earn, you won’t get even minimum respect from your very own parents in most case though all families are not the same, I hope no offense is taken. If you start earning your family will respect you a lot and vice versa.

For a girl, (after marriage) she is bound to be accountable for everything she does to her spouse because he is the main earning member. She is bound to respect her husband but won’t get any respect if she is not earning! So also for a girl, nowadays it is important to have a career.

Based on present view, if you have money you are a treated kindly and respectfully by others, but if you don’t, you are often ill treated by even family members. The society also refuses to accept a poor person because he does not have that thing called ‘Money’.

So this is my view of the term ‘money’ in today’s world and I hope nobody takes it offensively. It is just my random thought.


Afra Jahan Amin, Department of

English, Chittagong Independent University,  Jamal Khan Road