Meghna Group sells energy drinks despite ban

Staff Correspondent

20 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Meghna Group is allegedly selling energy drink ‘Gear,’ though production and marketing of any kind of energy drink is prohibited in the country.

It is alleged that the business group is marketing the product in the name of carbonated beverage, flouting the marketing rules in the country.

The energy drinks is being marketed with 200ml and 500ml bottles across the country.

The company is advertising the product through electronic and social media in the country.

They are doing the ill practice in complete violation of Bangladesh Food Safety Act-2013.

In the advertisement in television channels it is seen that consumers are getting heavy energy after drinking the product.

Md Kamrul Hasan, an inspector of Bangladesh Food Safety Authority, told the reporters that giving such false declaration is clear violation of the law.

Providing false information in the product’s level and advertisement is violation of food safety Act’s 41, 42, and 42 (1), he said.

 Mahbub Kabir, a member of Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA), said that they will investigate into the matter and increase monitoring in this regard.