Meghna Group’s endless crimes unfortunate

19 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The Meghna Group, a major business conglomerate, is unfortunately involved in notorious crimes and it seems it is determined to outsmart others of its kind in resorting to unfair means and snatch the championship in illegal activities. Stories about its fraudulent practices ranging from land and river grabbing to tax evasion as well as money laundering and environmental pollution appear to be endless. Almost every day we receive a new story about its deceitful tactics of attaining narrow personal and group interest at the cost of the nation.

The other day, media carried stories about Meghna Group’s river and land grabbing spree, under which it has already grabbed a 2-kilometre stretch of the bank of the river Meghna. Land filling and construction work in the occupied area is an example of the extent of its criminal activities. It is also alleged that the company has grabbed land of local people unleashing a reign of terror. But that was just the first part of its endless tales. Following the narrative of its river gobbling, people came to know about how it dodged staggering amount in taxes. It has so far managed to evade taxes worth Tk 180,000 million by filing as many as 1,500 cases against government claims. Now we come to know that the group has siphoned off Tk 1,000 million through the dubious tactic of buying the same cargo ship twice.

People are fully aware of these criminal activities of the Meghna Group. Still we are writing in this column to show how the conglomerate has made billions cheating the exchequer which is unacceptable. The Meghna Group has already grabbed the championship in illegal business. It can now open a school to teach others, if any, the ways and means of doing business in dubious ways.

We have already mentioned that the business group has set for others several examples of criminal activities in the name and under cover of doing business. It is for the greater interests of the nation that the government takes strict measures against this deceitful business house and others of the kind. One has the right to do business but none can be allowed to cause harm to the nation.