Ship Purchase Forgery

Meghna Group siphoned off Tk 100 crore

Staff Correspondent

18 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The Meghna Group has siphoned off Tk 100 crore by committing a forgery in purchasing a ship “twice”.

Sources said the business group allegedly launders money through various tricks, causing a huge loss to the national economy.

As part of its money laundering process, the company procured a particular ship twice.

Japanese company Imabari Shipbuilding made the ship in 2006. Registered with Marshall Island, Ship Ocean Paradise used to carry goods of various countries.

After 12 years of sailing, the ship was bought by Meghna Group owner Mostafa Kamal’s son Tanveer Ahmed Mostafa at a price of $62 lakh in January 2018.              The ship was bought for an organisation, Imperial Trading Company, which was set up abroad by Meghna Group.

Maritime Administrator of Republic of Marshall Island Guy E.C Mythird signed the registration paper of the ship. The process of money transfer from Bangladesh for the purpose is dubious.

It is learnt that Megha Group used to import cement clinker and raw materials of home consumptions by its own ship Ocean Paradise. Hiding its ownership, the company used to show the ship as rented one.

After using the ship for nine months, the business group bought the ship for its concern Unique Cement Industries Ltd in November 2018.

This time, Meghna Group shows that it procured the ship from Singapore-based broker company All United and Trading Private Ltd. Mohammad Ershad Ali, director of the selling company, signed the document.

He sold the ship to Unique Cement Industries Ltd for $62.42 lakh. Standard Chartered Bank’s Dhaka Branch paid the bills from the account of the cement company.

It is learnt that Unique Cement Industries took loan from the bank to buy the ship.

Sources said owner of Singaporean broker company Ershad is a Bangladeshi citizen. He makes commission business in selling ship.

In fact, Meghna Group is the real owner of the ship which was procured from a Japanese company in January 2018.

It procured the same ship after nine months and used the Singaporean company as a third party to implement the evil deed. Ship has been given a new name, Meghna Paradise.