Dania College deep in corruption

Tk 42 crore missing from college fund, teachers’ involvement alleged

Md Solamain Salman

17 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Teachers of the city’s Dania University College (DUC) were involved in massive irregularities and corruption including the embezzlement of the college fund,. According to a government probe.

At least Tk42 crore went missing after being withdrawn from the bank account of the erducational institute institute. Education Ministry says the money has been embezzled from the college fund.

Apart from this, there were many irregularities in which the teachers of the institute were involved and included illegal recruitment, dodging VAT-income tax and giving high salaries at the lower level despite it being fixed when appointed.

The Education Ministry’s Directorate of Inspection and Audit (DIA) found the irregularities in the college after carrying out a probe between January 31 and February 2 this year.

DIA submitted the probe report to the ministry for taking the next course of action.

The Education Ministry’s Secondary and Higher Education Division Senior Secretary Md Sohorab Hossain said: “We are astonished after seeing the irregularities of the college. This is a very sad incident and unimaginable that such incidents could take place in an educational institute.”       Action would be taken in the shortest possible time against those involved and the missing or other misused funds would be realised, he added.

Although there was no branch or additional shift in the college, the teachers took a huge amount of money in the name of additional shift allowance illegally. All the teachers and employees took 20 percent additional shift allowance every month from the college illegally.

The teachers also took house rents twice every month. One group took the rent as MPO-listed teachers while another as public servants from the college fund illegally.

The college which is affiliated with the National University also realasing a huge amount of money from the students in the name of so-called fees.

According to the probe report, Dania College is running its transaction through two bank accounts. The private expenses of the college were Tk6.64 crore in the last fiscal year, but the authority withdrew Tk18.4 crore from the college account of First Security Islami Bank.

Of Tk18.4 crore, the college authority could not say where and which sector they spent the other Tk11.39 crore.

In similar fashion, the authorities also could not show how and where they spent Tk3 crore in FY 2016-17 and Tk2 crore in FY 2017-18. There is no calculation of the expenditure.

The DIA probe report say there is no calculation of expenditure of Tk41.40 crore withdrawn from the two bank accounts of the college from FY 2013-14 this year. The investigators think the money was embezzled by the college teachers and employees.

The college also collected Tk1.2 crore as VAT and Tk 83.10 lakh as VAT and Tax but they did not deposit the money to the government fund. Around Tk42 crore were embezzled from the college fund.

DUC Vice-Principal M Ekramul Haque received Tk43,425 as salary and allowance every month while he took Tk97,132 privately from the college. He also took Tk25,000 as allowance though there is no scope to take additional allowance holding vital post.

Assistant Prof Sayara Begum is acting as vice-principal of the college. She took Tk38,775 as salary and allowance from the government every month. Apart from this, she received Tk1.3 lakh privately from the college every month.

She also took Tk41,000 as additional allowance for discharging duties though there is a rule that she can take only ten percent of her basic salary and it is only Tk1500.

Former vice-principal Md Mosharaf Hossain took Tk18.38 lakh as salary and allowance from the college illegally. He took Tk2.14 lakh as medical allowance and one-time benefit and Tk14.45 lakh as additional allowance and Tk6.51 lakh as duty allowance.

Apart from this, Mosharraf Hossain also took Tk64.69 lakh privately from the college fund violating rules. DIA recommended returning the money to the government exchequer.

M Shahadat Hossain was the former principal of the college from March 30, 2008 to June 30, 2017 and he took Tk15 lakh as allowance violating rules.

Many teachers of the college are taking salaries under high scale illegally. Assistant Prof Shahana Akhtar of Physiology Department is enjoying time scale illegally. She took Tk3.7 lakh from the government illegally.

Assistant Prof Khadem Asharaful Alam of Geography Department took Tk5.5 lakh as time scale benefit illegally.

Another DUC teacher Naziba Aktar embezzled Tk4.18 lakh under assistant professor grade illegally while Assistant Professor Jakiya Aktar Tk4.22 lakh in the same way.

Apart from this, six more teachers also took money under time scale violating rules. DIA suggested returning the amount to the government exchequer.

DIA report also says two lecturers — Salina Yasmin and Dr M Rezaul Karim was included in MPO facilities illegally. Both the teachers took Tk13.25 lakh and Tk33.92 lakh respectively as salary and allowances which will have to be returned to the state fund, said the DIA report.

The report also said two others lecturers Mohammad Abid Mia and Mohammad Mujibur Rahman— also appointed illegally, and they took Tk23.97 lakh and Tk11.84 lakh respectively form the government.

Lecturers — Masudur Rahman and Khaleda Akhtar – were appointed illegally and they took Tk 5.75 lakh and Tk 5.75 lakh respectively.

Lecturer Sagar Chandra Debonath took Tk6.21 lakh illegally from the government fund while the job of lecturer Sayeeda Afroz Ahsan of Geography Department was also illegal.

DIA report also said lecturer Lutfunessa got MPO facility violating rules, and she took Tk8.74 lakh from the government fund. DIA suggested that she should return all the money withdrawn from the government exchequer illegally.

DUC Principal (acting) Sayera Begum said: “We prepared the reply of the allegations after getting the probe report from the ministry and it will be submitted to the education ministry soon.”